Glass jar with a hole in its base

P1040489 (675x900)As quick as I was pouring Pepsi into a glass jar it was spilling out around the base, forming a lake. This did mess with my brain, at first. I had misgivings about my visual perception, as I tried to work this out. It was as though I was not pouring it into the jar but beside it. I know I have reduced vision in my right visual field but could my left visual field be suddenly narrowing also, but I was using my central vision, surely for this task? I pick up the glass jar to find a hole formed in the thick area of glass where the side and bottom mould into one.

So, I can stop worrying about deteriorating eye sight. It does look rather funny; not expecting to see liquid flood out the bottom of a glass jar, as fast as it is being poured in. I just so happen to be reading ‘Hallucinations’ by Oliver Sacks at the moment. Could this have influenced my thinking on the matter in hand?


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