Is cosmetic surgery really worth the risk?

Why are people so fixated on ’youthful beauty’ that is skin deep and are willing to risk dying on the operating table under-going a non-essential operation? Why isn’t the fear of dying, the surgery going wrong, being left with disfigurement for life or worse – lose their life to infection setting in enough to turn them off the idea of cosmetic surgery?

What good is it to recondition our surface bodily features when our internal organs/tissues and metabolic processes are still ageing?

What good is cosmetic surgery/procedure one has just had done only to be told they are dying of cancer or some form of terminal illness or drop dead of a massive heart-attack or get run over on leaving the clinic having only had their cosmetic treatment?

Would cosmetic surgeons not be better to utilise their skills and time in researching and developing methods to recondition internal organs and tissues than applying a sticky plaster on the perceived flaw on the outside, that only masks the problems on the inside?

Perfect youthful skin is not going to make you live any longer and could it possibly even shorten your life by putting unwarranted strain on your body by undergoing the cosmetic surgery/procedure?


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