Concern about Enterprise course tomorrow

What if I can’t get up in time to get dressed and out to get there on time? Will the trainer be able to understand and accept it is not out of laziness or judge me to have a poor attitude when considering starting a business or seeking employment. In her mind will she believe I should have gone to bed earlier and set the alarm to get up earlier and be on time, not knowing I already had given myself two hours to get ready. What can I do when the paralysis I experience on waking is so profound that my every ounze of energy and concentration to find nerves available to send motor signals to my limbs to get a move on fails?

Having someone hoist/lift me out of bed is pointless as this only slows things to a halt as my right side goes into a fierce spasm or if we do manage to stave off the spasm, what would the person do with me then because as soon as they or the hoist stops supporting my entire body it will fall down in a heap, my muscles paralysed and unable to support me.

but I felt that the trainer did not understand when I said I might be late or unable to stay the full 5 hours each day due to the paralyic effects of my nerve pain. I say this as her response ‘nobody will force someone in pain to stay but you do really need to attend the full 2 days’. I wish I could as I personally want to and hate missing out but my body keeps failing me!


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