Bloody Hell, Scalding Spike Prickly is really Trashing me Tonight

the spiking, burning throbbing in my right buttock and the shooting pain down the back of my leg that turns to pins and needles and spiking pain in my right foot, is harrowing and I can’t bare it. If only I could exorcise my Scalding Spike Prickly by ripping my entire right leg and buttock from my body.

people who don’t know me assume my ruddy cheeks is a sign of glowing health when in reality I am on fire, as though I have a fever, my burning type nerve pain is raging so much, it feels as though I am sitting in the midst of blazing flames wth no way of escape. the worst thing is I never know how long before it calms down, becoming slightly more bareable as no painkiller so much as touches the pain.

nothing I do can distract me from the pain!

if you live with never ending pain check out keeping pace with pain at a pain support group


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