When you think it’s all over!

Just when I allow myself to celebrate that there’s, ‘No more lying in a dental chair having my gums jabbed and having seen the back of the hell my teeth have put me through now they’re all gone’, I find I am once more suffering what seems to be toothache. On looking, I see the white of one side of a wisdom tooth emerging above the surface of my gum but not the other and the gum is all red and swollen. Shit I think – knowing exactly what it means – I’d be back in that bloody dental chair having my nerve pain down my right side pumped through the roof and the right leg and possibly also my right arm buck-leaping in all directions as the spasms grow ever stronger. But hay, what can you do – exactly that, nothing, so the only solution is grabbing the beast by the horns and having the dirty done and dusted; living through the ever intensified pain, knowing, it would pass and return to its base level over time, taking as long as it takes.

Seated in the dental chair, the more the dentist jabs the gum, the more intense the right side painfully spasms and by the time he comes to pulling out the tooth the spasms are so great that my right leg is jiggling and jerking and kicking out at the air and in my mind I hear a repetitive ‘fuck’ sounding out over and over, and I desperately want to bite my lip but that isn’t easy with instruments and fingers stuck in your mouth. All done but I can’t get up as the motor signals between the brain and my right side aren’t getting through, the nerves clogged with impulses of pain leaving the right side temporarily paralysed. It’s a good length of time before I’ve recovered enough control to hobble with help to leave.

All the mouth pain was supposed to be over but now the top denture is digging into the flesh where the gum joins the upper lip giving me blisters that sting, that burn, that jab and a whole lot more so it’s another trip to see my dentist. The staff must be thinking ‘for heaven’s sake she’s not back yet again, is she?’ They will all begin to think I like the place so much I keep returning or even start to believe the running joke that I have a crush on my dentist, even though I swear he’s too old.

Denture trimmed back, I have my dentist look at the white stubbly thing that now appears in what I thought was a mouth ulcer that seemingly isn’t willing to heal. Was it bone or a piece of remaining tooth? To my dismay it’s a piece of root left from an old extraction that hadn’t popped out of the socket of its own accord in the days after the extraction, as expected. It was going to have to come out, meaning being put through hell and back as he injects the gum.

It seems to me that I will never stop sprouting teeth that weren’t there before to the end of my days at this rate. But medics do say I am uniquely unique as I continue to defy science.

Within the hour, as the numbing wears off, I am in absolute agony; it might as well be a toothache. Boy, I pray he hasn’t hit the root canal nerve as it was so very close to where the root imbedded! But no point dwelling on what has passed as if it’s done it’s done and you just have to deal with and continue going forward!


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