Veiled in Labour skin!

What is Ed Miliband and labour playing at – considering over-hauling the Benefits System so that what you get depends on what you have already contributed to the Public Purse, with those contributing more being paid a higher amount of benefit to those who have contributed less?

The whole remit of the Benefit System is supposed to be to support the most needy, yet here we have a so-called Socialist Party considering awarding more to the rich and less to the poor, who most need it. Is this proposal a mere point scoring exercise rather than standing up for and doing the right thing.

Are those who have been born with disability or longterm ill-health or those left disabled as young adults and are unable to work to be punished by receiving a smaller amount of benefits to those who’ve had ample years and a big salary who’ve paid more in? How is that fair? Haven’t they been unfortunate enough, through circumstances beyond their control to endure a life filled with insurmountable challenges and pain, without being made to struggle even more by being given a lower basic benefit , when there is nothing they can do to change this fact, and their needs and the costs of those extra essential needs are greater to those of non-disabled?

And what of the low paid worker who works long hours doing hard work for little money getting less support from the state to someone who happens to be in a well paid job? often it is low paid sectors that are vital to life! Can you imagine the disease and infection that would flourish if we no longer had the bin-men, workers that clean rubbish off our streets and those that look after our sewers? Yet why are they little appreciated and poorly pay?


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