Limited Capacity to work questionnaire

A child can lift half a litre of liquid in a carton or even a full one at that, can use a keyboard and mouse, pick up and use a pen or pencil, pick up a pound coin, put something in their coat pocket and raise their arm above their heads does that make them ‘fit for work’ and so should be out seeking a job?

Why ask whether I can lift a carton of liquid? Are they hoping to find me work pouring milk into people’s tea-cups in an office say? They needn’t ask me to make and pour the tea as I would likely pour the water beside the cup as opposed to into it or if I do manage to hit on getting it in the cup, my hand would likely be shaking so much that the boiling water splatters all over me and those in close vicinity! Where are they planning to source such a job?

Where is the pound coin that needs picking up –
Is it on the table, on the floor or on top of a mountain while I am at the foot of the mountain and looking up?

why is it that those on state benefits are being ostracised why our banks are continuing to be in receipt of state welfare? should the heads of our banks be assessed for eligibility for this state welfare their banks receive? As if!


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