Why does my gut reject the natural substrates

Why does my gut reject the natural substrates intended for digestion and absorption? Why does it so aggressively fail to function as it ought? Why does it send food creeping back up my throat, so I need to keep my mouth tight shut in case it comes all the way up and out my mouth? Why is it that as soon as I put a morsel of food into my gut it seems to immediately walk out and strike? What’s with the gurgling noises in my throat? Why on eating does my gut have to make me so terribly nauseas and wishing I could actually puck and have it over with? Why is it that my gut fails to propel food along, actively digest and absorb it, leaving me lethargic and weighed down, doubled in two with painful spasms, fit for nothing but to lie down as my body despairs at not receiving a reliable source of fuel as and when I need it to adequately function, despite having done my bit in eating the food? What of the extreme pounding pain in the middle of my chest, penetrating right through me my inners to my back so strong it pains to breathe? The bottom line – I must force food down my gut and keep doing so despite the severe nausea, so bad I feel I’m going to puck, the food just swallowed creeping back my throat, colliding with the last mouthful swallowed,  the buckling pain, the thought of food never mind the sight of it making my stomach churn all the more and the feeling of being so full I can’t eat another morsel yet I must because if I listened to my gut I would waste away to nothing and be dead! I long for the enjoyment most people get out of eating!


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