Sir Michael Wilshaw knows nothing of young children…..

It can’t get much crazier than this – children should start formal education from the age of two, according to Sir Michael Wilshaw, the head of Offsted, whose job is to assess school standards and knows nothing of child development. How can it be possible for someone in a ‘Public Body’ post to publicly make such an unqualified statement? Next, he’ll be calling for the abolition of ‘maternity pay’ as he calls for newborn babies go direct from maternity wards into formal education! Good job he isn’t Minister for Education or we would see Gove’s reforms as meek in comparison.

Wouldn’t it would be more appropriate to call for a delay in the school starting age where evidence of benefit can be drawn from countries where children perform significantly better such as China and Japan, where children are 6 years old starting school or Finland, where children start school at 7 years? But that wouldn’t bring Sir Michael much publicity – only some ludicrous controversial statement can achieve such!

Let toddlers be toddlers I say!

What does others think?