Dangerous Dogs

Did anyone see ‘Dangerous Dogs’ on ITV last night?

Do local council Dog Wardens get any training in ‘dog handling’ or ‘how to humanly interact with dogs’?

I ask because I felt that some of their interactions with the dogs were wanting – e.g. the way the female warden repeatedly rammed the Capture Pole at the Akita , distressing the dog so much that it eventually gave up through sheer exhaustion and over-heating before being dragged out on its side with a noose tightening around its neck, confirming yet again to the dog that humans are confrontational and not to be trusted – why didn’t she arm herself with lots of nice treats and throw them from a distance to the dog and slowly build up trust with the dog until the dog moves closer to the warden and by all means the warden could wear Keviar protection gloves. one might argue that this would it be a lengthy procedure but I don’t believe that it would have taken any longer than it took her to capture the dog with the noose pole as she said herself at one stage that she had spent over an hour attempting to get it with noose and she hadn’t yet succeeded when she made that statement. What do others think?

Then there was the incident where the male warden was feeding the two starving dogs in the pound – why did he give two starving dogs one bowl of food between them – should he not have ought to have known that this would cause the dogs to mount an attack on each other? Why did he not at least give a separate bowl to each of them or better still separate them and put one in the empty cage next to where the two dogs where before feeding them, especially as he moved them to this cage anyhow afterwards. Why didn’t he use food to lure them from one cage to the other – if he had I don’t think he would have gotten bitten. Does others have anything to say to this?

It pained me to see the added distress some of the dogs experienced at the hands of the dog wardens that I believe could have been avoided and I also feel their bad handling of the situation made the dogs look and act more dangerous than they actually were due to the dog wardens’ confrontational approach.

I would love to hear from others who saw the programme or from a dog warden who may shed light on whether they receive adequate training or whether there are reasons they handled the dogs in the above manner that makes my approach unworkable.