Watch out for all those hidden sugars in our food!

Are we addicted to sugar – possibly but even if we are not our brains find it as rewarding as cocaine and heroin and what makes us feel good is going to make want more. Manufacturers have long known that a high level of sugar, fat and salt added to food will make us want to eat more – great for their pockets not so good for health!

Is sugar the new killer to replace tobacco? much evidence suggests it might be although the food manufacturers would have us believe different but so too was the case when we first discovered smoking caused lung cancer and was a killer.

beware of all that hidden added sugar that isn’t easy to identify – ketchup, pasta sauces, bread, pizza, yoghurt, low-fat products including low-fat yoghurt – to mention a few. often it isn’t listed as sugar but as glucose, corn or glucose syrup, dextrose, sucrose, fructose, lactose, honey, treacle, fruit juice…..

check ingredient lists and definitely don’t buy a product with any of the above sugars in the first three items on the ingredient list